But as long as a slot somehow cuts through the noise and has something a bit different to offer, then the fact that its theme is a familiar one, doesn’t represent a problem.

Let’s talk symbols: playing cards 9, 10, J and Q pay out 5x your bet when you have three of them, K and A give you 10x your wager and the Anubis and Horus give you 25x that when you get three or more. Then there’s the Sobek (40x) and the Bastet (50x), which is the most valuable of all.

In all cases, getting four the same doubles what you’d get with just three, getting five gets you twice what you get with four, and so on.

What’s unique about this game is that each win leads to a further re-spin. The strangely-shaped reels open up with each win, removing ‘blockers’ each time, which in turn means there are more symbols in action for the respin.  As long as a re-spin leads to another win, you’ll keep on having more re-spins and more symbols in play.

Very occasionally you go on a run of re-spins whereby all the blockers are removed. See those Life, Wild and Multi meters there to the left of the reels? That’s when they come into play.

You’ll automatically get an extra life which means that the next time you get a re-spin not leading to a win, you’ll get another re-spin anyway. Filling the Wild and Multi meters gives you a reel stacked with Wild symbols and a Multiplier added to your wins. Getting those is easier said than done but you certainly reap the rewards when it does happen.