Eyecon have only recently started to feature on the radar of most players. Still new to market, their enthusiasm definitely makes up for their lack of experience. The games they offer are innovative, well designed and fun. Temple of Ausar is no exception.

Open the game and in the background, you will be met with an eery magical blue light. Special hieroglyphics are highlighted behind the game board, suggesting something mystical to come.

Blue and gold have long been associated with not only royalty but wealth and class in general. These colours feature prominently in the Temple of Ausar. All in all, the setting makes you think of uncovering long forgotten riches.

A very sexy Isis and bizarrely blue Osiris play the mascots to your game.

The Temple of Ausar has a simple 5×3 layout. This might make you think the game is simplistic, but it really isn’t. There is a lot more hiding below the surface. A little like what an archaeologist might uncover.

All the icons of the game lean into ancient Egypt. The lower paying symbols look like card symbols carved into ancient Egyptian tombs. They run from 9 to Ace. You’ll also find cobras, ankhs, the Eye of Osiris and the original star-crossed lovers, Osiris and Isis. You might also spot the Heka and the Nekhakha, the insignias of the Pharos. Payments vary depending on what you uncover.

The scatter symbol is Isis. She’s gotten a bad rep lately, but she started off as quite a lovely lass. Grab three symbols of the goddess and you’ll enter a Free Spin Round. She’ll also magically add a multiplier to your Free Spins.