One’s brunette, another blonde and the third one has decided purple is the way to go with her hair. They’re very much at the heart of the action of this slot that’s not overly complicated but has enough going on to ensure there’s never a dull moment in this particular forest. As for the Secrets, you’re going to have to play it to find out what they are! But we’re about to reveal one of them…


As with any slot, magical or otherwise, your first task is to decide on a stake. You can use the little arrows in the bottom right of the screen to increase or decrease your wager per pay line, until you find an amount that you’re comfortable with. You’ll also need to choose how many pay lines you want active, up to a maximum of 99. As is the norm with any slot, you’ll need three or more identical symbols in a line from left to right, to ensure a payout. The symbol worth the least is the playing card Queen, followed by the King, and Ace. Then it’s the brunette pixie, the blonde one and rounding things off is the one with the purple hair, who by the way is Pandora. But even she isn’t the highest-paying symbol. That would be the game’s logo. There are two Wilds inserted into the game by those mischievous pixies but there’s nothing mischievous about what the symbols do. Quite the contrary. They’re there to help you. One appears on reels 2,3 and 4, the other on reels 1.2 and 3 but they do the same thing: substitute for all symbols, bar the Scatter.

Tips and strategy

This is a low volatility game which means that if you play for an hour or so, at low stakes, with a low amount of pay lines in play, you’re not likely to have won or lost that much. But it might be worth taking a bit more of a risk if you’ve been on a dry spell. If you’ve had 10 or 15 spins that haven’t given you anything at all, it might be worth increasing your stake and number of pay lines for a few spins. That’s following the theory that on the balance of probability, a win can’t be too far away. You could say that ‘you’re due’ a win soon, so it might as well be at slightly higher stakes. You should also be careful not to go too far in the Gamble feature. Remember that each time you pick red or black after a win, you’ve got a 50% chance of getting it right. There’s only a 25% chance of picking correct twice in a row, 12.5% of getting three right in a row and so on. So don’t try your luck too many times, or you might end up with nothing.

Bonus Rounds

Three features to speak of so let’s go through them.


As per above, after any win you can try to double it by guessing if the card in front of you is red or black. Get it right and you’ll double your win, get it wrong and you’ll lose everything you’ve banked up to that point. Players can choose not to gamble at all and just collect their original win. Or they can quit the gamble feature after one win, two, or as many as they want.

Tumbling Reels

This is a feature that many slots have but it’s a good one. After any win, all the symbols that formed that win tumble away and are replaced by others. If that leads to another win, it’s a case of rinse and repeat and this will keep on going indefinitely. As long as new symbols produce new wins, those symbols will keep tumbling.

Free Games

The one symbol we haven’t yet mentioned is the Free Games symbol which unsurprisingly, is your path to…free games. It only appears on Reels 1,2 and 3 so you’d have to get one on each to activate the bonus round. During the free games there are two Wilds in action which are there to help you walk away with something good. The free spins are by far your best bet at a good payout. So consider that piece of info one of the Secrets of the Forest!


If you look behind the reels, you’ll see some pretty lush vegetation. But then again, that’s to be expected given the action unfolds in a forest! There’s certainly plenty of colour on those reels and we don’t just mean Pandora’s purple hair. All three of the pixies are easy on the eye and there’s clearly been a fair bit of work done on the design and appearance of the slot, so brownie points go to the game in that regard.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to like about this game with its intriguing theme, attractive symbols and tumbling reels leading to some decent wins in the base game. Remember that it’s a low volatility game so don’t expect huge swings to your bank after playing it for half an hour or so. As for the free games, your path to big payouts, they’re not as easy to activate as you’d think, so you may need a little patience at times. It’s very much a slot for the intermediatory player and one that’s definitely worth having a few spins on.