Interestingly, symbols come in four different types when it comes to their value. Most valuable of all is the ominous-looking man with the top hat. Spoiler alert: you don’t see him often. But when you do, there could be some serious cash heading your way. Get six of him in a line and your stake will be multiplied by a whopping 200x.

This is a slot that’s officially been classed as being of a ‘Sky Pirates’ theme but between you and us, it’s more Steampunk than anything else.

Bonus features are not straightforward. Look to the left of the reels and you’ll see a huge Golden Disc. When ‘turner symbols’ appear on the reels, they’ll cause the Golden Disc to shift a bit. When parts of it are aligned in a certain way, they’ll activate the Bouncing Mystery Feature.

An orb shoots from the middle of the reels, collides with a reel edge and creates a mystery symbol. Further mystery symbols can be created when two orbs collide and create a 5-symbol cross formation. When there are no more orbs, it’s time to add up what you’ve won.

But this is nothing compared to the Hypermode Free Spins. You get 20 seconds of free spins and getting a Wild increases the rate at which the free spins occur. Fill the retrigger meter for a further 10 seconds of free spins. A couple of retriggers at high speed and the win potential goes through the roof.