Over time, we’ve become used to the same sort of casino game. For a long time, we could only offer slots or table games with a couple of novelty games that came around from time to time. Then Live Casino came along and shook things up, giving us all the bricks-and-mortar casino staples. And now there is a new game in town setting new boundaries.

Taking place in a live studio, the action is real and will get your heart pumping the minute you enter. The gameplay is simple and easy to follow. Place your bet on 1, 2, 5, 10 or the bonus game. The Top Slot and Main Money Wheels are then spun at the same time, and that’s where you can win your initial award.

In the bonus games, you’ll be able to win multipliers to increase your wins. Place a bet on any of the bonus games to take part in all the extra fun.

The first game- Cash Hunt Bonus Game- is a shooting gallery. Shoot at the target to reveal one of 108 random multipliers.

In the Pachinko Bonus Game, presenters drop pucks onto pegs. Again, each puck represents a multiplier.

Play the Coin Flip Bonus game and the presenter will flip a coin with a blue a and red side. Two multipliers will be revealed relating to the two different sides of the board.
The Main Money Wheel isn’t the only special wheel in the game. In the Crazy Time Bonus Game, you’ll be met with yet another wheel. On the side of the wheel there are three pointers: blue, green or yellow. Take your pick.

Available on mobile, tablet and desktop; this live action game is there for you, wherever you are. Time for the live thrills to start!