Bounty Raid is a slot of medium volatility but where Dead or Alive didn’t have particularly interesting features, this one does.

But let’s start at the beginning. The saddle is the least valuable of the symbols, followed by the crossed guns, the crate of coins and then there are the bandits themselves. The Gun Wielding bandit is the least valuable, then it’s the Double-knifed bandit and then the White-bearded bandit.

As a medium volatility game, you’ll secure some consistent wins during the base game but that’s not where you get the real big bucks rolling in.

The first way to get a big payout is via The Sheriff bonus feature. After all, what sort of Western-themed game would this be without a Sheriff trying to protect his town? When he appears, which is anywhere other than on the central reel, he will immediately capture all the bandits. The bandit worth the most sees you get 50x your stake, the other two are worth 35x and 20x your stake respectively.

The middle reel may not see The Sheriff land on it, but the Bounty Hunter certainly does. A real gun-for-hire, she’ll give you a respin. Any bandits appearing on the reels will come with a big cash prize and the more re-spins leading to further bandits being captured, the more re-spins you keep on getting.

Getting the Sheriff symbol while you’re in the middle of playing the round is a good little boost.  A good run here and you’ll be buying drinks to every last patron down the local saloon. Or just do whatever else you want with all that money!