Take your place on the stage of Microgaming’s latest magical release, Rabbit in the Hat. Set on the stage of a magical act, Rabbit in the Hat takes you back to the days when magic was about smoke and mirrors.

Rabbit in the hat consists of five reels and nine fixed pay lines. With a wave of his magic wand, the magician conjures up high-value symbols such as the magician’s trunk, a knife-throwing target, a water trap and, the star of the show, the pink rabbit springing out of a hat.

The magician’s hat plays a key role as it represents the wild symbol and, when it appears above a reel, triggers one of Rabbit in the Hat’s bonus features. There are five different hats up the magician’s sleeve and each one unleashes a different bonus.

Free Spins awards you with the number of spins shown on the hat, limited to 50. The hat moves to the left and performs a magic trick to boost your winnings when the reel contains a wild symbol. Wild Reel transforms the entire reel into wild symbols before your very eyes. Cash Hat makes cash magically appear in your win counter. The most mysterious of all the bonus features is Mystery Hat. Mystery Hat cloaks its reward beneath a veil of illusion as it selects one of the above features at random.

Take a chance with Rabbit in the Hat and pull your fortune from inside its unknown depths.