The only problem is that four dragons guard the treasure. Are you brave enough to take on Microgaming’s ‘Dragonz’ and win yourself a fortune?

‘Dragonz’ is a five reel online slot boasting the ever-popular 243 ways to win feature. You’re positioned at the entrance to a dark cave, taking one last look back before plunging inside. The view is serene with magical islands floating in a clear, blue sky. You could turn back now or are you sure you’re ready for fire-breathing adventure and riches?

The four dragons, who are the stars of the game, come in different colors and have their own names: Flint is red, Switch is purple, Frost is blue and Gobble is green. That’s not all though as each dragon has a special skill that you will discover as you explore the cave.

If you come across three or more glowing orbs while adventuring, you will have woken the dragons and triggered the game’s bonus features. You won’t know which dragon you have woken from its slumber until it’s too late. Each dragon grants ten free spins with an extra twist.

Flint will fire extra wilds onto the reels as they spin. Switch will stash unused wilds for a guaranteed win. Frost freezes wilds in place until you win and Gobble fires random wilds onto reels, which then freeze until used.

Do you have the heart of a dragon slayer to win a dragon’s hoard?