Based on the five reel, 76 pay line model that is so popular in the online slot game marketplace, Dazzle Me hits all the right buttons when it comes to winning potential.

It’s no surprise to learn that the Dazzle Me draws on gems such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds for its symbols. However, its greatest assets are it bonus features, which are worth their weight in gold. The most rewarding bonus is the Dazzling Wild Reels feature. This bonus appears at random throughout the main game as a superimposed reel full of wild symbols. Reels one to five can suddenly turn into Dazzling Wild Reels to fill your pockets with gems.

The second feature is the traditional Free Spins with a Linked Reels bonus. This feature is triggered when three or more Free Spins symbols appear on screen. The greater the amount of Free Spins symbols the greater the amount of free spins, up to 16. Linked Reels only occurs during a free spin and can boost your winnings by increasing the amount of identical reels.

Dazzle Me is fast paced and combines modern game-play with more traditional elements, such as free spins. With an incredible 760 times your stake available on every spin, it’s a definite must for anyone serious about buying jewels in real life.