Made by 4ThePlayer, a small but highly capable and creative maker of slots who are based in the UK, they’ve made a slot here that’s highly volatile, boasts a generous RTP and offers 4,096 different ways to win.

Let’s recall what al that means. A highly volatile slot means you get fewer wins, but they tend to be pretty big ones, when you do get them.

A generous RTP (Return to Player) means the payout that players receive, on average, is higher than what you might get on other slots.

And lastly, 4,096 different ways to win means just that, though we should always remember that all those extra ways just mean more variety in terms of how to secure payouts; they don’t mean you’re going to win more often.

In the game itself, you won’t be surprised to discover that the big, scary, bloodthirsty Shark (we’re sure he’s a great guy) is the Wild, substituting for any other symbol, bar the Scatter.

There’s also a scuba diver, a brave surfer girl given the circumstances (Shark-infested waters) and some varied marine life, so very much in keeping with the theme of the game.

But let’s talk about where things really get interesting. For starters, paying more allows you to play in Advanced mode, where you get to actually place up to six locked Wild symbols in different areas; the more Wild locked symbols you choose and the better the areas, the more it costs you though, unfortunately.

Fancy some free spins? Of course, you do. Get two or more Bonus symbols on the two middle reels and you’re in business. And when that happens, it’s time for some decision-making.

Either just take the 15 free spins as they are, or you can trade them for Extra Wilds and fewer free spins. Bonus symbols appearing in the free spins round get you three extra free spins.