It’s normally a wooden or stone statue and if you can’t quite picture it yet, don’t worry, because you’re going to see plenty of it in this game.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the grid is a rather unusual 9-7 set-up. Simple maths tells you that means there are 63 symbols in play on any given spin.

The symbols are a variety of fruits, plus a few random ones like dice, bells, diamonds and Sevens, like in an old school one-armed bandit.

The Wilds are very different to what you’d get in most games and are Tikki masks. There are four of them, almost forming the four corners of a square, but for the most part they’re ‘dormant’. They ‘wake up’ when there’s an adjacent win and will remain Wild for the cascading feature that follows.

Two totem Wilds active on the same side can lead to one of two things: a random low fruit being removed from that spin sequence, or the whole grid being clear of all symbols ahead of the cascade.

Very occasionally, the game will throw you a bone when you have three active Wilds: they’ll give you the fourth.

Whether it’s this way or just getting four Wilds straight up, you get 10 Tiki free spins, sometimes 15. The Tikki masks are Wild for the round and fruit symbols start to be collected, like in a harvest!

When you collect 35 of a particular fruit, they’ll be removed. Less value symbols equals more chances for big wins because you’ve got more high-value symbols in play.
A warning that this is quite a volatile game.