So, it’s deliciously ironic that the slot version of Street Fighter II, released by those nice Swedish folks over at NetEnt, is one of the most complex, advanced and interactive slots ever released.
Key to the whole set-up and concept of the game is that you get to choose which one of eight characters you want to go to battle with. These are premium prize fighters we’re talking about here. They range from the classic martial art technique of Ryu, to the raw and electrically charged attacks of Blanka, to the powerful blows of a man used to fighting brown bears in sub-zero Siberia- Russian brawler ‘Red Cyclone’ Zangief.
Your choice of fighter is crucial. Each one comes with a different number of Wild symbols and the way the Wilds appear also varies from one character to the next. NetEnt have also tweaked things so that your choice of character slightly alters the RTP and volatility of the game.
Once the bell sounds you don’t just spin like you would in a normal slot. Rather, you take on another character in an errr…street fight…with the slot being played out in cycles rather than spins: each round is one battle. Winning combinations on the reels deliver blows to your opponent and the fight is called off once one of you runs out of energy, just like in the video game.
Lose the fight and you still have one last chance to secure a win of between 5 and 15x your stake over in the ‘Car Smash Bonus Game’.
Win the original fight and you’re sent into action one more time in the ‘Beat the Boss Free Spins’ round. There are four Bosses to beat, your multiplier increases with which one you defeat and no prizes for guessing that M. Bison is your very last opponent.