To celebrate a quarter of a century of Slingo games, they’ve come up with Slingo Classic, a proper retro game that wouldn’t look out of place in 1988, let alone 1998!

But so what? Retro is cool and there’s plenty to like about this game that’s a really refreshing change to the usual format of slots where it’s matching symbols and bonus rounds that bring home the bacon.

Instead, here you’re basically playing Bingo but with a few different rules introduced to make it more interesting.

You pay to play a game of Slingo and are given a card with 25 different numbers on it. Your entry fee gives you 11 initial ‘spins’. The grid at the bottom of your card holds five different numbers and each spin produces five new numbers.

Just like with Bingo, the aim is to cross off all 25 of your numbers with those 11 spins to get paid out at 500x your bet. But you also get paid out for each line of five numbers that you have (vertically, horizontally or diagonally), so getting to eight lines gives you 10x your bet, nine gives you 20x and 10 lines sees you paid out at 100x.

Help comes in the form of the Joker symbol, where you’re allowed to cross off any number you wish but it certainly doesn’t come in the form of the Devil, who temporarily blocks a certain number to make your life tougher. No more than you’d expect from the Devil.

You occasionally also get free spins which means more chances to cross off those numbers.

If you exhaust your 11 spins, you have the chance to buy additional ones, but they don’t come cheap. The advice is to stop at the 11 and then play again in this fun Slingo game that’s nothing if not different.