However, you have a bank balance, and each round will cost you a certain amount of money, while the outcome of each drilling exercise you conduct (we’ll come to that in a bit) could lead to nothing, or to a big win depending on how things pan out. So, in that sense, it is like a slot.

The action takes place on a rectangular grid and at the center of it all is a miner. You can instruct him to drill on any square next to him, underneath or above him, or in a diagonal direction.

He can’t drill into green squares but can drill into brown ones or those where you can clearly see minerals like gold or diamonds. Each drilling exercise will cost you money to conduct the drilling and the exact amount may vary depending on how hard the drilling needs to be and how deep. Successfully drilled blocks lead to prizes.

So, it’s a game of strategy where it’s up to you where you want to try and mine. Power, Wall, Gold and Diamond Blocks are special blocks that are harder to drill but far more rewarding once you manage to break them. Using a Sper Drill brings a 3x multiplier into play.

It may not be a slot as such but there’s a version of free spins here. Get five statue blocks to activate the bonus round that has seven levels to it to go in search of even more priceless minerals.